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Irvine Brick Pavers

this picture shows Irvine brick pavers

Brick pavers are paths on which you can walk. Traditionally, bricks are used in construction work for making walls. But, bricks have no more the sole applicability. In the present day of innovativeness and suitability in paving or walking, brick pavers are used for walkways, driveways, garden paths, and patios among others. Besides enhancing the curb appeal, such brick pavers add to the durability and safety and ease of walking as well.

Great Patio Pavers Contractors

The brick pavers made by Irvine Concrete Pros are specially molded from high quality of compressed clay and are treated with high temperature to make them resistant to wear and tear. They also have great mechanical resistance.

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Quality & Features of Brick Paver

Clay is a kind of naturally-occurring soil and its compressive strength varies according to the topographical environment of the source of occurrence.  But great care must be taken to see that the least of porosity is allowed while compressing them into the mold.  Bricks so made are almost impenetrable and the brick pavers made out of them exhibit different textures and shades. But, the most important aspect to be given due care is the regions from which the clay is collected.  We at Irvine Concrete Pros use nothing but the best clay collected from high-quality soils that have the highest compression capability.

Brick Pavers & Bricks Differentiated

Besides being used in walls, regular bricks or face bricks are used in vertical constructions such as homes, boundary walls, walls, and other vertical masonry constructions. On the contrary, brick pavers are used in horizontal structures to make it stronger for walking. The flat structure with absolutely no holes in them, are more compact and can be installed quickly and easily. The bricks get strongly interlocked and make private or public pavements for regular walking. The horizontal construction makes them withstand greater loads.

Basically, brick pavers need special skill, know-how, and experience. We at Irvine Concrete Pros also examine basic concrete foundation requirements such as sand and cement because we understand well that a weaker foundation will defeat the very purpose of brick pavers.

Remember that selecting the right kind of brick just won’t be enough. Our skilled masons backed by our experience and guidance can make a big difference in the outcome of your brick pavers. With us, you are also bound to get the best value for the money spent.

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