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    It has been said that our home is our castle. House and property renovations can be an exciting time of innovating ideas and plans, but with initial research and planning, home improvement can quickly become an incredibly daunting task. Concreting and masonry contractors work with a wide range of materials and have expertise in the best way to optimize areas around a home or property. Professional contractors can assist and guide clients with expert opinions on a varying array of projects using materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. Professional concreting and masonry contractors are essential with projects such as the installation of retaining walls, landscaping pavers, patios, even new home ideas. Choosing reliable experts will create personalized, detailed plans necessary for your long-lasting home improvements. Our team guarantees quality within your home.

    In a master-planned city such as Irvine, residents expect an organization that flourishes into quality results. That’s why whenever they need construction done in concrete, brick, or natural stone, they call on the ones who know the industry most. They call on Irvine Concrete Pros. Driveways, patios, pool decks, countertops, outdoor fireplaces, and so many more excellent examples of what we can do await your demand. As Irvine’s most trusted concrete contractor, we’re only too happy to deliver. We’ll arrive at the site represented by a professionally trained crew that will set up its equipment and get right down to business.

    We do an installation in concrete slabs or concrete pavers. You can see us raise wonders in natural stone such as granite, sandstone, and travertine. Our work with brick pavers is nothing to sneeze at, either; in fact, the material makes for downright gorgeous work in not only the above mentioned, but also walls, walking paths, and pillars. All greatness to be found in Irvine masonry can be found right here at Irvine Concrete Pros. You’ll never need to worry about confusion, shoddy craftsmanship, or missed deadlines. We don’t make messes or mistreat property. Instead, expect work of implicit quality done by a dedicated team. Contact Irvine Concrete Pros at (949) 541-6363 to get free estimates.

    15484 Lorraine Way Irvine, CA 92604

    About Us

    Irvine Concrete Pros have been upgrading homes and offering clients our expertise, knowledge, and experience in the concrete and masonry fields. We have personalized and improved properties spanning the Irvine, California area for years with our dedicated team of professionals. Our business operates with the highest quality materials to maintain regulated safety procedures. We always make sure our equipment is working well, and have a local truck repair company taking care of our trucks on a regular basis.  With unrivaled knowledge in the industry, we understand all concrete and masonry needs of our customers and have built our company with an emphasis on expertise, communication, and professionalism.

    Our Services

    Our company offers immense knowledge specializing in concrete work, bricklaying, and masonry. You might have found us by searching cement contractors near me even! But concrete and masonry isn't all that we do, we are now partnered with an epoxy flooring company servicing Orange County. In addition to that, we get calls for slabs, patios, pool decks, driveways, block walls, concrete stairs, pillars, and much more! Our team of highly trained contractors uses only the best materials and power tools to build and create the vision our clients have. From home maintenance and sealing to grand or intricate designs, our company ensures top quality services. We offer our services to Irvine, California residents that span across the entire home property. Our team creates tailor-made, detailed plans for every project. Contact Irvine Concrete Pros at (949) 541-6363 to get free estimates and to experience our top-quality ideas to help you construct the ideal home of your dreams.

    Concrete Contractor

    Concrete has always been a highly favored medium for just about all of our customers. We’re able to cut it into so many shapes, dye it so many colors, and with our stamped concrete service, imprint it with so many designs, and clients find it well nigh irresistibly. We’re glad caterers to their desires. When placed in our capable hands, the material seems to know no bounds. It can strengthen landscapes and enhance their visual appeal. We do concrete construction for places, commercial or residential, at prices you can afford. 

    irvine concrete pros
    this image shows concrete driveway in irvine california
    this image shows irvine california concrete driveway


    Driveways serve as the visual introduction to your home and frame your house with style and design.

    A sturdy, well-constructed concrete driveway is necessary for your home as it functions to store cars and allows the flow of foot traffic. With poor maintenance or constant harsh weather, a driveway has the potential to deteriorate and cause issues for your home. Our team advises on concrete work and concrete finishes with our years of experience to create a beautiful, functioning driveway.

    Curb appeal starts here, too.

    We build the most stunning driveways under the sun to fit a wide range of budgets. Keep it straight and simple with concrete slabs, or cut loose on alluring design with our concrete pavers. Both can be stamped and colored for a complementary addition to the landscape. Curve your driveway through the trees or make a beeline for the garage. Complement it with our numerous driveway edging options. Please give it a regal introduction with a set of concrete pillars at the entrance, built by our talented team. The concrete driveway you’re dreaming about becomes a reality when you call upon the warm, smiling faces at Irvine Concrete Pros.

    We’ve heard it asked before: Where can I find great concrete repair and refurbishing in Irvine, California? After that, we invite the questioner in for a sit down to inform him/her that they’re already in the right place. We replace damaged concrete pavers and slabs down to the tightest corner for a perfect fit. We do grinding and concrete overlay on aging floors.

    Our concrete sealing cost won’t break your bank. Ask us how to care for concrete countertops and stained concrete floors (both of which we install with expert precision) as well.

    We also build concrete walls and retaining walls of all shapes and sizes. Retaining wall benefits from our work include reduced soil erosion, a drier, more stable landscape, and more surface surfaces for other uses. For more information about concrete construction from Irvine Concrete Pros call (949) 541-6363 today.

    Pool Decks

    The same goes for our Irvine pool decks. We can install the perfect deck for your home without a hassle. Whatever you’re looking to have matched or done in aesthetic contrast, we’ve got it covered. With our stamped concrete service, we can even have the concrete replicate more exotic material such as limestone or gneiss. Are you worried about falling accidents? Don’t be with our broom finished or salt finished concrete, which will imprint the surface for safer walking. The best pool deck for your home is right here at Irvine Concrete Pros.

    A quality pool deck enhances the aesthetic of your swimming pool and should be constructed with quality materials that ensure a safe area for foot traffic. Our pool decks are created with a non-slip material that produces heat reflectivity. Our concrete contractors will create aesthetic swimming pool decking while keeping the client's vision at heart. We aim to enhance your home with quality safe construction that will add immense value to your home.

    this image shows irvine ca pool deck
    concrete expert working on patio


    Patios should offer an outdoor area a multipurpose space for relaxing and entertaining. Our company understands that environmental factors can hinder enjoying the outside, but with a well-constructed patio we aim to open up the home and add immense value to your property. The initial plans of all patios will account for property regulations and potential drainage issues to make for an ideal patio installation. Patio resurfacing can revitalize any outdoor area with stamped concrete, broom finish concrete, or decorative concrete.

    We build patios of all shapes and sizes to fit your taste and budget. After all, different environments often call for different styling. We’ll take careful notes of what you want to be done before starting, and if you like, make helpful suggestions for improvements along the way. No matter the size, color, or pattern you choose, your patio is going to be amazing. That’s the way we build them, and we build them to last for decades.

    Concrete Walls

    Concrete construction requires detailed planning and the use of the highest quality materials. Concrete walls can offer multiple benefits including thermal regulation of homes and structures, long term structural integrity, and can be shaped and stamped into beautiful concrete colors and designs created to enrich any outdoor or indoor area. Concrete walls when constructed with care are strong enough to act as load baring walls and retaining walls, but are malleable and decorative. Concrete walls completely complement a home.

    concrete expert working on concrete walls
    concrete expert working on paving


    The three main types of pavers include concrete pavers, stone pavers, and brick pavers. Professionals can advise on which tile can best fit within a budget, which paver will withstand particular environmental factors and display an optimal design. Our team are experts at the safest and easiest paver removal tactics. We offer real advice on how to clean, seal and protect your beautiful pavers in whatever capacity they serve in your home.

    Masonry Contractor

    Irvine natural stone construction comes to you with our impeccable quality assurance. Your stone paver ideas with things like patios, driveways, and pool decks become real when you put our guys on the case. Have a concrete wall you’ve been thinking will look good in natural stone? Ask about having it covered with our stone veneer installation. Get a little texture into the mix with the amazing stacked stone construction we’re famous for. Stone pillars, outdoor fireplaces, kitchen countertops, and many more incredible examples are all right here at your one-stop place for the finest in Irvine natural stone construction.

    We use local companies for all of our work, we use a local Irvine Dumpster Rental company to rent dumpsters for the debris and junk from the jobs.

    this picture shows brick fireplace irvine ca
    this picture shows brick fireplace irvine ca

    Brick Masonry

    Outstanding installation in brick pavers and brick veneers are both just a phone call away. We build the most handsome projects in brick. Pool decks, patios, and driveways are trouble-free trades our clients habitually rave about. They’re also quite enamored with our outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, walking paths, and pool coping, to name a few others. Brick construction from Irvine Concrete Pros leaves all the competition behind. And yes, we’re also happy to do restoration and repair. Let us know what you need, and it’s done.

    Concrete, brick, and natural stone construction are done with paramount expertise and are easy to find. We’ve been right here serving Orange County for a long time. Irvine knows what master planning is. So when it wants masonry done right, our phone always begins to ring. Join in on what so many others have already discovered. 


    Areas We Service

    Irvine Concrete Pros provides excellent concrete services in many areas including Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange, Laguna Woods, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Tustin, North Tustin, and Rancho Santa Margarita. We have been serving clients for years and can help with any project from new construction to resurfacing existing concrete. Our services also extend beyond just concrete as they can handle other types of hardscape projects as well! Reach us today at (949) 541-6363 to get started.

    Contact Us For More Information

    Our company encourages you to reach out and contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about our professional concrete services. We can facilitate and organise a time that best suits your schedule for an honest conversation and appraisal. We offer free land assessment and evaluations appointments and can generate reasonable quotes for our services and materials. Listed on our website is a phone number and contact form where a member of our friendly customer service team is available to answer your concrete contracting questions. We are waiting to help create and manicure your dream home.

    concrete expert working on retaining walls

    “I had been contemplating doing-up my outdoor area. Irvine Concrete Pros not only introduced me to the best designs for my back yard patio, they offered an impressive knowledge of materials and kept well within my budget. I have dealt with professionals before but the team that created my patio went above and beyond. I love my home and that’s due to the care provided by these experts.” — Paul B.


    concrete expert working on stone work

    “My pool is my children’s favorite area of the house during summer, and knowing my pool deck was built with the safest materials gives me peace of mind every school vacation. The information and hard work I experienced with this company was fantastic.” — Jenny A


    concrete expert working on concrete pouring

    “Home maintenance can be such a painful task. I noticed my driveway has some major foundation issues from years of neglect. Irvine Concreting Professionals were recommended to me by a friend and they were able to fix and protect my driveway concrete. I’m very pleased.” — Josh N